How To Get A VAT Invoice From Amazon?

Amazon is a popular online platform for both buyers and sellers. It provides customers with a wide of items starting from food to electronics. You can easily buy products online and avail discounts on them. Either amazon sells the products, or individual sellers offer the goods for sale.

If you want a VAT invoice or a Value Added Tax invoice, you can use different methods. Learn how to get a VAT invoice from Amazon:

Option 1

You can look for the delivery box in which you got your product. You will find an invoice inside it. Usually, most sellers will attach a VAT invoice along with the product. So remember to check the box thoroughly. However, it may so happen that the seller did not attach the invoice. In that case, you can check your email inbox. In there, you will find an auto-generated confirmation email.

Option 2

The next best option is to go online and check your Amazon account. You have to log into your account and then look for the option ‘Your Account. You will find it on the top of the page, on the right side. The link will direct you to the main page and from there choose ‘Your Orders’. You will be able to view all of your orders on their website.

You will then have to scroll through all the products and look for the one that you need. You can filter your search as per the date. You will get all the products over the last one month. So take your time and patiently select the order for which you want the VAT invoice.
After selecting the order, you need to view the details of the order.

So choose the option ‘View Order Details’, which is on the left side of your screen. You will find it under the order date. Kindly check the right side of the screen to know your VAT details. If you want a printed copy, you can choose to print the order summary tab.

Option 3

If you cannot avail your VAT invoice from ‘Your Account’, the next best option is to contact the seller. You can send the seller an email requesting an invoice. You can collect the information regarding your purchase directly through the seller. You will get the necessary details at once.

Option 4

However, if you still cannot get the information, you have one last resort. You can choose to share your issue with Amazon’s Customer Care service. They will be able to understand and resolve your problem quickly. You will be able to get an invoice regarding all the purchases from their website. They efficiently manage any dispute that you may have regarding a product or a seller.

To Sum It Up

It is essential that you handle your payments against invoices carefully. Choose Monite, a reliable service provider. They care of your invoice payments after you forward them an invoice. You can add comments for the seller to check issues or dues, making it easier for both parties.

July of 21st in 2021