We're starting
a new wave
In Embedded Finance

We enable any B2B player to offer high-end finance automation to their clients

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Saving millions of hours per year
is like saving lives

Monite lets all businesses out there access top-notch finance automation suite in the tooling they
already use - from barbershop-type platforms
to neobanks or marketplaces like Amazon.

Culture is our everything

Go big or go home

We dream big and strive to make a large-scale impact in the industry. We never settle for
average - in our product, our culture, or anything else

Work with passion

We love what we do, we infect people with passion,

and we go the extra mile

Forget the ego

We use feedback to grow, actively work with mentors and advisors, and see every challenge as
an opportunity

Be radically candid

Care and be kind, but always speak up on red flags,
challenge directly and give open

Do the impossible

We bring everyone way past the 100% they thought they were capable of, so what the market
does in 6mo we can do in 6 weeks

People who
make it happen

Backed by some of the best
investors in the world

Ralph Müller

Ex-Board Member

Phillip Valka

Senior Director

Jason Pate

Head of Strategy

Victor Jacobsson


Adriaan Mol


Jonathan Weiner


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