Multibanking app All accounts in one interface

See all your bank accounts & payments in one interface.
Enjoy neobanking features even with traditional banks.

3000+ banks covered

Connect your account in minutes

Pay from one interface

Pay bills & expenses in one click using any account

Understand cash flow

Multibanking with cash flow analytics for all accounts

One banking interface for all banks

  • Connect your bank accounts in minutes
  • See transactions & balances in real-time
  • See saved counterparts from all accounts

Neobanking features even for old-school banks

  • Pay expenses from any connected account
  • Upload receipts to transactions for accounting
  • Invite teammates & set custom permissions

Multibanking app with real-time cash flow analysis

  • See all account balances in one screen
  • Understand real-time payables & receivables
  • Predict available funds & possible cash gaps

Every connection and payment requires SCA-secured authorization processed by your bank.

BaFin-approved protocol

Multibanking is based on the Open Banking API regulated by BaFin.

Extra security & privacy

Secure as your bank - 2FA for every login & payment. Custom team permissions for precise control.

Monite Multibanking app lets you get neobanking experience even for old-school accounts. So - no need to change the bank, I just use Monite now
Chris E.

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