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Saves 40+ hrs/mo, 2-20 ppl teams
  • Unlimited offers
  • 50 invoices
  • 50 incoming bills
  • Unlimited expenses
  • OCR for 50 receipts
  • Unlimited expense reports
  • Connect 2 bank accounts
  • 10 users, 3 admins
  • Unlimited payments
  • Add-ons available
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(plus VAT)
Saves 120+ hrs/mo, 30+ ppl teams
  • Unlimited offers
  • Unlimited invoices
  • Unlimited incoming bills
  • Integrated debt collection coming soon
  • Unlimited expenses
  • OCR for 3000 receipts
  • Unlimited expense reports
  • Connect 30 bank accounts
  • Unlimited users & admins
  • Unlimited payments
  • Add-ons available
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How much do you charge
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Monite Pro pays off after saving you 0,29hrs of work.
In total, it saves you 40h+ every month.
All features Standard Pro Premium
Banking & Payments
Connected bank accounts 2 5 30
Neobanking interface for all accounts
Unlimited payments
Sending offers/estimates unlimited unlimited unlimited
Sending invoices 50 300 unlimited
Offers signed online, invoice auto-issued
Custom products & services
Your logo on invoices
Invoice reminders coming soon coming soon coming soon
Incoming invoices
Incoming bills processing up to 100 up to 300 unlimited
OCR for invoices
Employees who can forward invoices unlimited unlimited unlimited
Users with access 10 25 unlimited
OCR for uploaded checks up to 100 up to 300 unlimited
Lost receipts generation
Mileage expenses
Per-diem expenses
Users that can submit expense reports for reimbursement 10 25 unlimited
Automated mapping of documents to transactions
Excel/csv export
Datev export
Total users 10 25 unlimited
Admin users 3 5 unlimited
Employee access 7 22 unlimited
Tax advisor access unlimited unlimited unlimited
Custom roles & permissions
Additional bank account €5/mo €5/mo €5/mo
Additional employee seat €3/mo €3/mo
Additional 250 documents €20/mo €15/mo
Coming soon
Receipts collection online up to 10 portals up to 50 portals unlimited
Tax & payroll chat

Saves you a lot of headache

Costs like Wi-Fi in your office


How does Monite get my banking information?

We let you connect any business account to Monite. The banking connection is done via a BaFin certified PSD2 provider FinAPI GmbH, owned by Schufa. All your data is fully encrypted, using Monite is as secure as using your bank.
PSD2 is a European regulation for electronic payment services, read more about it here.

Do I need an accounting tool if I use Monite?

No, you don’t - Monite is essentially a full-fledged accounting software with full GOBD compliance.

Can I connect more than one company to Monite?

Yes, you can. You can create the unlimited number of companies with one Monite login paying per legal entity.
If you are a tax advisor, this means you can access hundreds of clients under a single login.

Can my team use Monite? Can I limit what they can do and see?

Absolutely, Monite is created to be a platform for teams. You can set detailed permissions for every user defining if they can see account balance, send invoices, prepare payments, and more. We are also working on fully customizable access rights that will come later in 2021..