Building the next wave of
financial infrastructure

SMBs still manage their finance on paper, Excel and 5+ external tools, resulting in 5%
revenue loss. We want to turn B2B platforms, neobanks, and fintechs into super-apps that
solve this problem with automated invoicing, payables, and B2B payments

Monite About-hero-Snippet Monite About-hero-Snippet

Freeing SMBs from
Excel and paper

  • 2021
  • 2022
  • Ivan Maryasin Andrey Korchak
  • team monite company
  • The beginning

    Monite was born in Berlin in 2020, with a founding mission to automate finance for SMEs. Soon after, Monite raised a € 1.1 million pre-seed round with Tomahawk VC, Signals VC, Possible Ventures, and Runa Capital

  • Going embedded

    Seeing greater demand for embedded solutions in the market, Monite transitioned into a B2B2B model, enabling other platforms to provide finance automation to SMBs

  • Launched API-first products

    In late 2021, Monite launched its first API-first products — Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable — with the first clients taking them for a spin

  • Raised over $10 million in Seed

    Monite’s 2023 saw a boost in customer count, revenue, and many platforms going live. We also launchedtwo new products for B2B payments: Invoice Payment Links and Bill Pay. We also doubled our Seed to $10mn – led by P72, ThirdPrime and some of the world’s top fintech angels

Backed by leading
experts in fintech

  • Point 72 Ventures

  • Third Prime

  • Tomahawk.VC

  • s16vc

  • Runa Capital

  • Possible ventures

  • Audeo Ventures

  • Signals Venture Capital

  • Longrun Capital

  • 365 Fintech

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