Multi-Payment Rail
for Marketplaces & Finance platforms

Enable bill pay, invoice payment links, or marketplace payments. 
Flexible margins, many payment methods – 
card, open banking, local methods, FX, and more.

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What is
Multi-Payment Rail?

Monite aggregates many payment methods and providers, saving you time & money on integrations. We auto-trigger the right payment method for each transaction
Your platform
Monite chooses the
best payment method
Cards & Common Methods
ACH/SEPA/Open Banking
Cross-border (FX)​
BNPL & Similar​
Crypto rails

Use cases

Bill pay & pay expense reports

Allow your users to pay incoming bills or expense reports with a click of a button
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Payments for Marketplaces

Payments combined with auto-invoice issuance and a full finance suite for your users
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• Manual & auto-payments
Allow customers to manually approve
each charge or make it automated based on work
done or another trigger

• Auto-invoice issuance
Monite automatically issues compliant invoices
on behalf of the marketplace to the client
and on behalf of the freelancer to the marketplace

• Tune invoice logic & triggers
Trigger payments & issue invoices your way –
e.g. per freelancer per period, per project per period, etc. –
allows to easily account per cost center, geo, etc.

• Offer a full finance suite to your users
E.g. let freelancers see all marketplace invoices
(auto-issued), send invoices to off-marketplace clients,
and manage payables & expenses in your interface

No vendor onboarding

With us, vendors just get paid. Without us, you’d need to KYB vendors before you can pay out.
Just pay. We take care of coverage​
You access dozens of providers via a single API, your clients always get the payment method they need for a specific transaction
1-time onboarding for clients, not one per provider​
With us, your clients do onboarding once & can use any payment method. Without us, they’d need to do one per provider
Earn commissions
With our rails, you are free to define which commissions you want to charge based on the case/payment method
Pricing you can’t get directly, 0 cost
As a multiplier, we let you earn a higher
margin, plus you don’t spend months of time and large funds on many integrations
4 days to integrate
2 days to integrate onboarding flow +
2 days to integrate payment initiation

Trigger post-payment actions
Post-Payment webhooks allow you to trigger any action – e.g. notifications, upsell, anything else