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Bill Payments.

Offer your customers one-click invoice and expense payments with their preferred payment method. Let them pay for anything with a credit card and get bonuses. Go live in 5 days.

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Unlock new revenue streams by embedding Unlock new revenue streams by embedding


One API – all the best payment

Users can pay bills with their preferred payment method, regardless of what vendors accept.
You integrate one API in 2 days

Monite API Monite API

Benefits for integrating with Monite

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    1-time onboarding for clients

    Your clients onboard once – that covers all payment providers, instead of doing onboarding for each provider

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    One time integration

    Integrate once and connect to multiple payment providers

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    Flexible commissions

    With our rails, you can define the commissions you charge based on the case and payment method

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    Discounted pricing that’s hard to beat

    You earn margins that our competitors can’t offer

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    Trigger post-payment actions

    Post-Payment webhooks enable triggering any actions, such as notifications and upselling

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    No more vendor onboarding

    With us, vendors just get paid. Without us, you’d need to onboard vendors before you can pay out

How it works

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A bill is forwarded or uploaded to your platform and prepared for payment


The user pays the bill via their preferred payment method – e.g. open banking, credit card


You make a commission on every payment—e.g. up to 2% on card payments


The payment is charged to the user’s card or account and sent to the supplier via SEPA/ACH or other relevant payment method


If the user pays the bill with their credit card, standard credit terms apply, giving them e.g. extra 30 days to pay the balance

Let users pay bills with their choice of payment. Earn on each transaction

What you can do:

Earn additional payment revenue from your user base

Win more customers by offering a faster way to get paid

Let users pay incoming bills with cards and more. Earn on each transaction

What your customers can do:

Pay any invoice with a card, even if the vendor doesn’t accept them

Use B2B specific payment methods – such as bank transfers, FX, and BNPL

Pay any invoice with a card, even if the vendor does not accept them

Turn customer credit cards
into working capital

When SMB clients can pay by card for incoming bills,
they get extra flexibility on due dates, credit bonuses, and more:

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    Credit cards become a universal credit facility

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    More incentives through bonuses and cashback on large card spending

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    Credit can be used where it previously couldn’t

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Let users pay within your interface and
earn up to 1% per invoice.

AR/AP are core to our product, so we looked at multiple providers as well as building in-house. We chose Monite due to their product depth, quality of APIs, and fast development. Working with Monite has been a breeze – a robust API platform, knowledgeable team, and quick support at all times

Jane Shmygaleva, CPO

Jane Shmygaleva, CPO

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monite pattern

How much can you

Instantly calculate your possible revenue based on your user base.


Robust Payments API designed for developers

A single access point to many payment providers, enabling you to offer the right solutions to your clients

Robust Payments API designed for developers

Offer Bill Pay to your clients.

Start monetizing today.

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