Offering Invoicing & Bill
Pay becomes a must for

Become a full finance OS for SMEs – revenue, spending, and managing cash flow in one place. Add compliant AP/AR functionality in 2-3 weeks with Monite

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Come for new revenue streams

Top Neobanks are already steps ahead

Neobanks offer Invoicing & Bill Pay
To solve some key pains for their users

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    87% of SMEs receive payments late

    Disrupting cash flow and limits reinvesting revenue

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    54% of SMEs frequently pay their bills late

    Due to varying invoice formats and the need to seek approval

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    3.6 h/week lost to
    manual reconciliation

    Leading to extra costs and possible mistakes from human error

Become a full finance OS
Stay competitive & boost revenue

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Stay competitive

Offering a robust AP/AR functionality is becoming table-stakes in neobanking to keep the transaction & interchange volumes

Boost revenue

Earn additional SaaS and payment fees on AP/AR functionality, get more indirect revenue from increased usage

Grow engagement

Cohorts using AP/AR functionality are a lot more engaged than the average, which boosts your MAU/WAU metrics and usage of other products

Help your clients manage revenue
and spending in one place

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A fully-fledged invoicing workflow that helps your clients get paid 3x faster. Compliant quotes, invoices, custom invoice designs, reminders, and payment links, plus accounting integrations

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Bill pay

Let your clients manage suppliers & bills in your interface with a world-class AP automation solution. Email collection, OCR, approval workflows, audit trails, discounts management, and bill payments in one click

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Go live in 4 weeks

Instead of building for 2 years

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    Build custom functionality using our modular, scalable and reusable software architecture

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    Maintenance covered

    Integrate once, and new rolled out features work instantly

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    AP/AR expertise

    Receive dedicated developer support so your team can build with confidence 

Neobanking platform for E-commerce

“AR/AP are core to our product, so we looked at multiple providers as well as building in-house. We chose Monite due to their product depth, quality of APIs, and fast development. Working with Monite has been a breeze – a robust API platform, knowledgeable team, and quick support at all times”

Carlos Reuven, CEO

Carlos Reuven, CEO

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monite pattern
monite pattern

Save development time
with modular API

A single access point for various capabilities. Construct solutions of any complexity, test new features once we roll them out without the need to re-integrate


    Seamlessly launch AP, AR, and B2B payments in your product with our modular API, taking full control of user experience and workflows.

  • React SDK

    Utilize ready-to-use UX blocks that natively integrate Monite’s business logic into your UI, with the flexibility to control branding and user experience.

  • Drop-in

    Implement pre-built front-end components quickly – up and running in just 10 minutes.

Make it a Development

Lead the market with a complete financial solution.

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