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Revenue collection is the biggest pain for businesses – help your clients get paid 3x faster with a robust invoicing workflow. Compliant invoices, reminders, payment links, cash advance, and more. Integrate with 2 developers in 2 weeks

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Unlock new revenue streams by embedding Unlock new revenue streams by embedding

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SMEs struggle with revenue collection

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    87% of SMEs are consistently paid late

    Disrupting cash flow and limiting opportunities to reinvest revenue.

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    48% of SMEs lose or miss invoices constantly

    Directly resulting in loss of revenue.

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    50% of SMEs spend 7+ hours per week chasing late payments

    Distracting employees from their core business operations

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    12% of SMEs hire someone to chase late payments full-time

    Wasting resources on FTEs that could be strategically invested in staff who drive business growth

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    SMEs waste 3.6 h/week on manual reconciliation

    Leading to unnecessary costs and potential inaccuracies due to human error

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    71% of SMEs have disconnected invoicing and accounting systems

    Resulting in excess manual work and a lack of real-time financial insight

How adding invoicing supercharges

    Payment fees

    Let users pay within your interface and earn up to 1% per invoice

  • SaaS fees

    Charge 15-150$/mo for AP Automation functionality

  • Revenue share

    Upsell customers with BNPL/financing and get a revenue share

Offer all the features your clients

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Customizable invoices

Your clients can create their own design or pick templates, colors, and upload their logo


Fully compliant in 25+ regions

Regional compliance is covered for quotes and invoices. E-invoicing connectivity is included


One-click send

Your clients can send invoices right when they complete jobs or schedule them for a specific date.


Getting paid fast

Every invoice is sent with a payment link that can be paid online by card, bank transfer, or other methods


Automated reminders

Your customers can set up automatic reminders to stop chasing unpaid invoices.


Notifications for important events

Notify clients when invoices are paid, past due, and more


Automatic payment detection & reconciliation

Once an invoice is paid, it’s auto-reconciled for accounting. Full & partial payments are supported


Full sync with accounting software

We support two-way sync with accounting platforms


Clear cash flow analytics

Your customers can see their top clients, key problem areas, and more

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Payments pre-integrated,
Earn on each transaction

Monite aggregates the best payment providers to help your clients use any payment method

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How Mecena launched their Invoicing product in 5 weeks

Monite’s infrastructure lets us monetize payments, creating a new revenue stream, which helped us cut our customer payback period in half

Hugo Hernández, CEO of Mecena

Hugo Hernández, CEO of Mecena

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Robust Accounts Payable API designed for developers

A single access point to construct solutions of any complexity – test new features once we roll them out without the need to re-integrate

Robust Accounts Payable API designed for developers

Integrate in 4 weeks instead of
building for 2 years

Building invoicing automation takes years and requires domain expertise. Monite does the
heavy lifting with our flexible API blocks. Integrate with full flexibility or ready built business
logic and front-end components

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    Rest API

    Seamlessly launch AP, AR, and B2B payments in your product with our modular API, taking full control of user experience and workflows

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    React SDK

    Utilize ready-to-use UX blocks that natively integrate Monite’s business logic into your UI, with the flexibility to control branding and user experience

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    Implement pre-built front-end components quickly – up and running in just 10 minutes

Solve Revenue Management for your clients

Revenue collection is the biggest pain for SMEs – 87% of them are consistently paid late leading to cashflow issues. Learn more about your clients pains’ and solutinos for them in our AR Automation Guide

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Earn more by offering invoicing.

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