Embed powerful Bill Pay.

Triple revenue per customer

Offer world-class accounts payable automation to your business clients, with
email collection, OCR, approval workflows, and bill payments by card or SEPA/ACH in one click.
Go live with 2 developers in 4 weeks.

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80%+ of SMBs struggle with
manual revenue collection

Replace 5+ tools, Excel and paperwork with
a fast, all-in-one solution

only 5–10%
SMBs that use software for their accounts payable process
SMBs that still use Microsoft Excel, email, and paper
Average time wasted by SMBs on financial admin tasks
30 days
Average manual payment processing time for 90% of SMBs
Revenue lost by SMBs due to inefficient payments
Specialized tools needed to automate SMB financial admin

Build all the features
your clients need

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Invoice review and suggestions vector line
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Overview of vendors and payables

Collect all bills in one place

Forward incoming bills to a dedicated email address or upload them manually

Automatic invoice data capturing

Our OCR solution covers multi-page bills in all formats & over 50 languages

Invoice review and suggestions

Let SMB managers in review invoices and leave questions/comments in one place

Approval workflows

Let users build approval policies based on payment amount, vendor, department, and more

One-click bill pay

Let customers pay bills in a click using SEPA, ACH, card, or any other desired method


Paid bills are automatically linked to transactions

Bills prepared for accounting

Bill data is extracted and prepared for use in other processes

Export to accounting software

Integrations with 30+ accounting platforms let your customers manage their financial data seamlessly

Overview of vendors and payables

Full overviews of suppliers, early discount savings, and more

How adding invoicing
supercharges revenue

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How FinSwiss Built the Ultimate
Vertical ERP for E-commerce

Thanks to Monite, we enable our clients all across Europe to send compliant
invoices and collect payments via payment links. At the same time, we enable our
eComm customers to pay suppliers worldwide using Monite’s Accounts Payable
functionalities and payment rails

Carlos Reuven, CEO

Carlos Reuven, CEO

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Integrate in 4 weeks instead
of building for 2 years

Bill payment automation takes years of development and domain
expertise. Monite does all the heavy lifting for you, offering turnkey
modular back-end & front-end connected to payments and relevant
partners–so you can launch a top solution in weeks

Payments pre-integrated
Earn on each transaction

Monite aggregates the best payment providers to help your clients
use any payment method

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Solving your SME clients’ pains in Accounts Payable

54% of SMEs pay their bills late regularly, facing unexpected late fees due to a lack of automation. Read our guide to understand why offering Accounts Payable functionality should be a top priority on your roadmap.

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Robust Accounts
Payable API designed
for developers

A single access point for various capabilities. Construct solutions of any complexity, test new features once we roll them out without the need to re-integrate

Save development time with modular API

Bill pay that
earns revenue

Let’s discuss your new revenue streams

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