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Let clients pay
supplier bills
inside your interface

Collect, review, approve, and pay incoming bills with a card or another payment method – all via one Accounts Payable API

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Collect all bills in one place

Forward incoming bills to a special email address or upload them manually
Monite's Accounts Payable API, collect bills

Auto-extract info with AI

Our OCR solution covers over 50 languages & multi-page bills
Monite's Accounts Payable API, OCR

Review invoices & ask for edits

Ask questions or request edits via commenting function
Monite's Accounts Payable API, commenting

Approve bills to be paid

Build approval policies based on amount, vendor, department, and more
Monite's Accounts Payable API, approval policy

Pay bills in one click

Single/bulk-payments with SEPA, ACH, card, or other methods
Monite's Accounts Payable API, bill pay

Enjoy auto-reconciliation

Paid bills are automatically linked to transactions
Monite's Accounts Payable API, auto-reconciliation

Bills are prepared for accounting

Easily assign line items to GL accounts & more
Monite's Accounts Payable API, GL accounts

Export to accounting software

We support two-way sync with over 50 accounting platforms
Monite's Accounts Payable API, accounting integrations

Get clear analytics on vendors & payables

Easily see your top suppliers, savings on early discounts, and more
Monite's Accounts Payable API, AP analytics

New revenue model for your business

SaaS revenue

Charge a fee for using the new feature or upgrade customers to better plans

Processing revenue

Earn a 0.05-0.1% on each invoicethat is paid with a card

Calculate your revenue

How many clients does your company have?

Once you embed our Accounts Payable API – let’s imagine 15% of your clients use AP Automation with you and pay on average 25 invoices/mo with an average value of €500/invoice using their company card


Then you’ll earn about

per month in processing fees + more in SaaS fees