Run AP/AR workflows
To fully own payments

The most broken part of B2B payments are AP/AR
workflows leading to a payment. Automate them to own the
full payments flow. Embed AP/AR workflows via Monite in
2-3 weeks

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Come for new revenue streams

B2B payments issues happen before
the transaction

Getting B2B payments right means setting up the right processes early. Your customers
often struggle with these common issues in their accounts payable/receivable (AP/AR)

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Complex Invoice Auditing

In B2B payments, auditing and checking invoices is tricky. Companies deal with lots of rules, easy-to-make mistakes, and high costs in this area.

Variable Tax Rate Navigation

Taxes can change based on who’s buying, what the product is used for, and where it’s used. This means an item can have different tax rates in different situations.

Rigorous Payment Approval

Ensuring smooth payments involves rigorous checks to prevent purchases that haven’t been approved, are too expensive, or don’t have expenses recorded properly.

“B2B payments is not just a payment problem, but one at the end of a string of workflows. Viewing it this way allows to create a 10x solution by improving the preceding workflows rather than being limited to the payment itself”

Matt Brown

Early stage investor at Matrix Partners

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Tailored AP/AR solutions

Perfect fit for POS, FX, and BNPL Providers

Whether you want to growing finance volumes or capture more B2B payments, it starts with simplifying
invoice auditing, the ability to adapt to varying tax rates and sophisticated payment approval workflows.

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    POS & Acquiring

    Centralize revenue management for your clients by adding B2B invoicing functionality

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    FX Providers

    Capture more supplier payments by offering AP Automation to clients. Reduce payment fail rate by always having the invoice first

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    BNPL providers

    Grow the financing volume – instead of uploading bills SMBs can manage all bills on your platform

Help your clients manage revenue
and spending in one place

Simplify your clients’ financial operations by adding invoicing and payables automation to
your platform and increase your revenue.

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A fully-fledged invoicing workflow that helps your clients get paid 3x faster. Compliant quotes, invoices, custom invoice designs, reminders, and payment links, plus accounting integrations

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Bill pay

Let your clients manage suppliers & bills in your interface with a world-class AP automation solution. Email collection, OCR, approval workflows, audit trails, discounts management, and bill payments in one click

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Integrate in 4 weeks
Instead of building for 2 years

  • API-first

    Build custom functionality using our modular, scalable and reusable software architecture

  • Maintenance covered

    Integrate once, and new rolled out features work instantly

  • AP/AR expertise

    Receive dedicated developer support so your team can build with confidence 

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Let users pay within your interface and
earn up to 0.6% per invoice.

AR/AP are core to our product, so we looked at multiple providers as well as building in-house. We chose Monite due to their product depth, quality of APIs, and fast development. Working with Monite has been a breeze – a  robust API platform, knowledgeable team, and quick support at all times

Jane Shmygaleva, CPO

Jane Shmygaleva, CPO

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Save development time
with modular API

A single access point for various capabilities. Construct solutions of
any complexity, test new features once we roll them out without the
need to re-integrate

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    Seamlessly launch AP, AR, and B2B payments in your product with our modular API, taking full control of user experience and workflows.

  • React SDK

    Utilize ready-to-use UX blocks that natively integrate Monite’s business logic into your UI, with the flexibility to control branding and user experience.

  • Drop-in

    Implement pre-built front-end components quickly – up and running in just 10 minutes.

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