Become a full Vertical
ERP by embedding finance workflows

Become a full OS for clients – help them manage cashflow,
revenue & spending on your platform. Add finance workflows
with Monite in 2-3 weeks

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Backed by founders & execs of

Come for new revenue streams

Top Vertical SaaS companies
Becoming vERPs

Began as a POS for restaurants, now an all-in-one tech stack for the industry

Point of Sale

Payment processing

Invoices insights

Payroll and team management


Started as a yoga studio app,
now a leading wellness tech platform

Business app

Integrated payments

Recurring revenue

Reporting and insights


Started as a freelancer tool, now an all-in-one business platform






“Vertical SaaS have the potential to become invaluable to their customers by developing a suite of products needed to run all the aspects of their businesses”
Talia Goldberg

Investment group

Clients in your industry are underserved.
You can offer a perfect AP/AR solution for them

Monite saves you 90% of building time of AP/AR functionalities and allows you to tailor the offering to your type of
client – including connections to data, defining workflows, and fully customizing the interface

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    Generic providers

    Generic Invoicing & Bill Pay providers do not offer industry-tailored solutions, leaving businesses in your vertical without the perfect tool they need

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    vSaaS approach

    vSaaS providers understand industry-specific needs best and have the data that key to manage revenue & spending, plus secure healthy cashflow

«The Golden Age of Vertical ERPs»

“Vertical ERPs are purpose-built applications that centralize and automate core processes for a particular type of business. vERPs are an improvement of vertical software because they embed financial functionality, allowing the product to touch the cash flow as well as the workflow. And cash flow is king.”

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Toast, the one-stop shop for restaurants,
earns 80% of its revenue from fintech

Toast raised 960m$ and IPO’d due to impressive revenues – mostly generated by its embedded
finance revenue streams

logo features

“Platform acquires and retains its customers because of its differentiated software”

  • No-Contact Guest Experience
  • Back of House
  • Guest Engagement
  • Back Office
  • Digital Ordering
  • Restaurant Employee Tools

Help your clients manage revenue
and spending in one place

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A fully-fledged invoicing workflow that helps your clients get paid 3x faster. Compliant quotes, invoices, custom invoice designs, reminders, and payment links, plus accounting integrations

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Bill pay

Let your clients manage suppliers & bills in your interface with a world-class AP automation solution. Email collection, OCR, approval workflows, audit trails, discounts management, and bill payments in one click

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Vertical SaaS platforms can expand into fintech
Without prior fintech experience

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    Become a full OS, a go-to platform for clients

    You are already the key system for your vertical. Now you can become the full OS (Operating System) for your vertical by adding revenue & spending management solutions that cater to your audience’s specific needs

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    Earn from a differentiated AP/AR proposition

    Concentrate on industry-specific AP/AR features building on top of robust stack featuring streamlined invoice processing & approvals, payment tracking, cash flow management & more. Earn additional revenue for every customer using new modules

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    Expand into payments & financial services

    AP/AR modules “earn” you the right to process payments for clients and monetise them. They also pave the way to offering financial services, including BNPL, working capital, cash advance, robust financial analytics & more

Integrate in 4 weeks
Instead of building for 2 years

  • API-first

    Build custom functionality using our modular, scalable and reusable software architecture

  • Maintenance covered

    Integrate once, and new rolled out features work instantly

  • AP/AR expertise

    Receive dedicated developer support so your team can build with confidence 

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How Mecena launched their Invoicing product in 5 weeks

Monite’s infrastructure lets us monetize payments, creating a new revenue stream, which helped us cut our customer payback period in half

Hugo Hernández, CEO of Mecena

Hugo Hernández, CEO of Mecena

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Save development time
with modular API

A single access point for various capabilities. Construct solutions of
any complexity, test new features once we roll them out without the
need to re-integrate


    Seamlessly launch AP, AR, and B2B payments in your product with our modular API, taking full control of user experience and workflows.

  • React SDK

    Utilize ready-to-use UX blocks that natively integrate Monite’s business logic into your UI, with the flexibility to control branding and user experience.

  • Drop-in

    Implement pre-built front-end components quickly – up and running in just 10 minutes.

High priority for your

Become a one-stop-shop before
your competitors do

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