Forget accounting
We handle it for you

Monite auto-maps all your transactions to receipts and lets your tax accountant categorise & export to Datev.

No more 10h+ reconciliation
at the end of the month

We do accounting
as you go
Do banking, invoices, and expenses with us, so we can automatically map documents to transactions
Your tax advisor
gets the full picture
Everything mapped, they can categorise with SKR-03 or export to Datev
Export to Datev
You or your tax advisor can always export to Datev to file the tax return

We auto-map documents to transactions

  • Invoices: we display paid & unpaid invoices
  • Incoming bills: we attach the invoice as you pay them
  • Expenses: we attach tax-compliant expense reports

See missing documents in real-time

  • See transactions that are missing documents
  • Get your team to upload documents timely
  • Add comments for your tax advisor

Save 20% or more
on tax accounting

Your tax advisor does not need to spend time mapping documents or asking you dozens of questions to complete your tax return
Save accounting
I used to spend 12 hours per month on accounting. Now I spend 1 hour.
Markus G.
On average, a client is missing 15% of documents every month. Monite solves it.
Nikolay M.