Why Enty Partnered with Monite to Launch Accounts Payable and Invoicing Capabilities in a Few Months

Discover how this partnership helped Enty to offer a more comprehensive platform that caters to their customers’ financial operations.

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In this case study, you’ll learn:

Why Enty chose Monite to help support their clients with payments and accounts payable capabilities.

How Monite enabled Enty to minimize their clients’ need for multiple tools.

The impact of embedded payment links for both Enty and its clients.

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Jane Shmygaleva CPO at Enty

« ‎AR/AP are core to our product, so we looked at multiple providers as well as building in-house. We chose Monite due to their product depth, quality of APIs, and fast development. Working with Monite has been a breeze – a robust API platform, knowledgeable team, and quick support at all times »‎