Mecena & Monite: Making Money Management Easier for Creators


Mecena is aiming to simplify financial management for Europe’s creators. They decided to build on top of Monite’s infrastructure to fast track one of their products. This partnership quickly brought to life an invoicing and payment solution, tackling the financial challenges faced by creators head-on.

mecena overview 1.v.2 Challenges

Creators were mixing up their personal and business money, struggling with basic banking, and getting tangled in invoice and payment delays. Mecena saw the need for a tool that could handle the money side of things without the mess.

Our solution

With Monite’s expertise and ready-built infrastructure, Mecena launched a financial management tool in a mere 5 weeks, featuring:

A tailored white labeled product that looks and feels like Mecena

A way for creators to easily create and track invoices

Automated payment reminders

Invoices with integrated click-to-pay links

This collaboration enabled Mecena to rapidly provide creators with a solution that significantly improves their financial workflows.

The product went from concept to launch in 5 weeks.

Creators now have a streamlined approach to managing their finances.

The enhanced offering has led to happier customers and opened new revenue streams for Mecena, reducing payback period by half.

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Find out how the partnership between Mecena and Monite is redefining financial management for creators, setting a new standard in Europe’s creator economy.
Hugo Hernández CEO of Mecena

“I’m highly impressed with how quickly we integrated Monite’s invoicing into our offerings. It took only five weeks, but with a full team, we might have done it in just two weeks”