Niobi and Monite: Revolutionizing Financial Management for African SMBs


Niobi, a leader in SMB financial management across Africa, has partnered with Monite to revolutionize its offerings. This collaboration has resulted in a groundbreaking CFO-as-a-service platform, enhancing a range of services from invoicing to supplier management.


Facing the unique challenges of the African market, Niobi needed to fast-track the development of a sophisticated financial management system. Traditional in-house development was not only time-consuming and costly but also diverted focus from core business operations.

Our solution

By partnering with Monite, Niobi was able to rapidly deploy a comprehensive set of financial tools tailored for African businesses. This collaboration brought to life:

Advanced invoicing capabilities with automated features

Efficient supplier management systems

Multi-language OCR and analytics for cash flow and customer insights

Integration with key accounting and payment platforms

With Monite’s support, Niobi:

Successfully launched their enterprise-grade product in record time.

Streamlined financial operations for African SMBs.

Enhanced their service offerings, leading to increased customer satisfaction and growth potential.

Learn how Niobi leveraged Monite’s expertise to overcome development challenges and how this partnership is shaping the future of financial management in Africa.
‎Steve Mwangi CEO of Niobi

«Partnering with Monite has transformed how we support businesses in Africa. We’ve managed to launch a full-scale financial management platform that is both powerful and easy to use, helping our clients focus on what really matters – their growth»‎