Stop wasting hours on expenses & reimbursements

Add checks to card transactions, log cash & travel expenses. Reimburse in one click. Accounting is automated

Analyze & control spending in one place

Card expenses

See all your corporate card transactions in one place, upload receipts for them

Cash & travel expenses

Add receipts, mileage & per diem expenses, lost receipts


Reimburse in one click, expenses auto-prepared for accounting

Superpower your existing cards

  • Attach receipts to transactions on all cards
  • Categorise across all accounts & cards
  • Fill out food receipts digitally
  • Attach & forget - accounting is automated

Create cash & travel expenses

  • Receipts OCR-read in 50 languages
  • Seconds to add travel/per diem expenses
  • Create self-receipts for lost checks
  • Monite generates tax-compliant documents

Reimburse in one click

  • Team submits expenses for review
  • Reimburse expenses in one click
  • Tax-compliant expense report auto-generated

Accounting for expenses is automated

  • Monite generates tax-compliant expense reports
  • Once paid, reports are auto-attached to transactions
  • All expenses contain comments important for tax advisor
  • Your tax advisor gets all the info, no need to ask questions
Spending overview

Per category, per person, and more

Save hours with OCR

Our OCR reads 50 languages

Automate it with Monite!

Hate doing paperwork?