Organize incoming bills Pay in
one click

Forward bills to Monite, we OCR-read them and prepare payments. You can pay in one click, see what’s due and get full analytics

Losing invoices in your inbox?
Tired of reminders?

Everyone on the team can forward invoices to Monite
We prepare payments
Payments prepared with OCR, full overview of payables
Pay or ask to adjust
Pay invoices in one click or ask for adjustment using comments

Got an invoice - just forward to Monite

  • Anyone on the team can forward, few can pay
  • We OCR-read invoices and prepare payments
  • Leave comments as necessary
  • Check & release payments in seconds

No lost bills, payments on time

  • Forward - no risk bills get lost in emails or folders
  • We organize the bills by due date
  • We remind you to pay timely

Employees stop chasing you to pay

  • They always know the status of their invoice
  • Can see your comments in Monite
  • May remind you to pay in the system
I get 50 emails/day, of course I miss some invoices. Not anymore - thanks to Monite!
Chris D.
So happy to get rid of “Hey pay the invoice” emails
Ann H.