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Robust AR/AP functionality, accounting integrations, and payments in a single, fully customizable API.
Go live with two developers in 2 weeks.

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Unlock new revenue streams by embedding Unlock new revenue streams by embedding


Used by dozens of platforms worldwide

  • Invoices
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  • Powerful Invoicing
    for Mollie’s users

    Mollie is becoming a full Revenue Management platform for SMBs. They cover checkout and POS, but for many merchants a large part of revenue is via active invoicing

    Mollie built invoicing on Monite API in just 6 weeks. It allows SMBs to send professional quotes & invoices and collect revenue via payment links. The solution is on par with top invoicing providers & is available across Europe.

  • Mobile Invoicing
    for creators in Mecena

    Mecena, a European neobank for creators, powers up Invoicing for their users via Monite. Launched in just 5 weeks of time, invoicing feature allowed Mecena to earn over 3x per user using invoicing feature – leveraging additional SaaS & payment fees.

    Hugo, the CEO of Mecena mentions:
“Monite’s infrastructure let Mecena monetize payments, creating a new revenue stream and cutting our customer payback period in half”.

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  • Processing payables
    for Enty’s users

    Enty, an accounting & incorporation provider for SMBs, uses Monite to provide invoicing and accounts payable solution to their clients.

    Jane Shmygaleva, CPO at Enty said:
“We chose Monite due to their product depth, quality of APIs, and fast development. Working with Monite has been a breeze – a robust API platform, knowledgeable team, and quick support at all times”

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Businesses struggle with revenue
collection and spending control

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    87% of SMEs are consistently paid late

    Disrupting cash flow and limiting opportunities to reinvest revenue.

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    48% of SMEs lose or miss invoices constantly

    Directly resulting in loss of revenue.

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    3.6 h/week wasted on manual reconciliation

    Leading to unnecessary costs and potential inaccuracies due to human error.

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    54% of SMEs pay their bills late regularly

    Due to inconsistent invoice formats and chasing approvals.

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    $15 average cost per processed invoice

    Increasing operational expenses and reducing profits.

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    82% of SMEs miss early payment discounts

    Resulting in lower margins and hurting the company’s bottom line.

Earn more per client &
boost retention

Offer AR, AP, and accounting integrations that help your clients with better
payments, cost management, and client-supplier relations.

Grow revenue per user 2-5x vector line
Increase product stickiness vector line
Attract more users vector line

Grow revenue per user 2-5x

Earn an additional $10-200 per user/mo in SaaS fees

Expand your revenue and TAM with payments, earning 0.1-2% on each transaction made on your platform

Get commissions on financial services: BNPL, factoring and more

Increase product stickiness

Become a one-stop-shop for SMBs. Offer valuable services that make it much harder to switch to a competitor

Increase WAU/MAU by rolling out new functionality daily

Get more users on your platform – expand your reach to new teams at your SMB clients.

Attract more users

Win over customers from competitors without new marketing expenses. Create a network effect with an all-in-one offering

Set your brand apart. Expand your offering to become the go-to player for your industry

Upsell your current users so you can invest more into growth

Offer features that match
top industry players

Accounts Receivable

  • Manage product/service catalog
  • Create and manage quotes
  • Generate invoices
  • Offer one-click payment options
  • Send automated payment reminders
  • Ensure compliance for 25+ geographies
  • See revenue analytics
  • Integrate with 40+ accounting platforms
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Accounts Receivable <br/>Automation

Accounts Payable

  • Collect bills via email
  • Get an overview of payables & obligations
  • Automate approval workflows
  • Build & customize approval flows
  • Pay bills with card, ACH, SEPA, and other rails
  • Perform single and bulk payments
  • Analyze spending and debt analytics
  • Integrate with 40+ accounting providers
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Accounts Payable <br>Automation

Integrated payments

Your clients want a directly integrated payment solution in their AP/AR process.
Offer an Invoicing and Bill Pay solution with integrated payments and make
money on every payment processed.

  • Payment links
  • Bill pay

Launch AP/AR in days
using Monite API

Offer robust finance management to clients in days instead of
building it for 2 years and over €1mn+ in development costs

development image

    Build a fully custom experience for your users for AP, AR, and other workflows – you can do this right away or transition from SDKs/iFrame without re-integration

  • React SDK

    Utilize ready-to-use UX building blocks that natively integrate Monite’s business logic into your UI, with the flexibility to control branding and user experience

  • iFrame

    Fastest time to market – drop in a pre-built iFrame, get the usage going fast – go live in less than an hour. Transition to a full custom frontend anytime without re-integration

High priority for
your roadmap

Become a one-stop-shop before
your competitors do

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