4 in 1 Finance Platform


Do banking, invoicing, incoming bills, and expenses in one interface. Monite auto-prepares your accounting and exports to Datev.

Engaging thousands of SMEs

Integrate Monite in 5 minutes
save over €3500/yr


All accounts in one place,
cashflow under control

Connect your existing bank accounts to get full cashflow visibility use one interface for any account.


Take care of all invoices
& expenses in 1 click

Issue invoices to clients, process and pay incoming bills, handle card expenses and reimbursements in one interface.


Save hours on accounting,
easy export to tax advisor

Monite auto-matches documents to transactions and shows you the missing receipts. Export in 1 click

Manage your finances in one place

Do banking, invoicing, incoming bills, and expenses in one interface. Monite auto-prepares your accounting and does Datev export.

Incoming bills
Expenses &
Automated accounting

Full finances overview

  • Connect all your bank accounts
  • See transactions & make payments in one place
  • Cashflow overview, real-time payables & receivables
  • Spending analytics across all accounts

Full finances overview

Organize & pay incoming bills

  • Your team forwards invoices to Monite
  • Our OCR system auto-prepares payments
  • Request invoice changes as needed
  • Review & pay bills in one click

Organize & pay incoming bills

Send offers and invoices

  • Send estimates & invoices in seconds
  • Offers accepted online, invoices auto-issued
  • Automated payment tracking
  • Timely follow-up on outstanding bills

Send offers and invoices

Track expenses, pay reimbursements

  • Attach receipts to any card payments
  • Log cash & travel expenses, lost receipts
  • Create expense reports in seconds
  • Pay reimbursements in one click

Track expenses, pay reimbursements

Enjoy automated Accounting reconciliation

  • Documents auto-mapped to transactions
  • Every transaction has a clear description
  • Easy to categorize with SKR-03 Datev categories
  • Flexible Datev export for tax submission

Enjoy automated Accounting reconciliation

Secure as your bank

GOBD+GDPR Compliant
Just like in your online banking, every connection and payment requires SCA-secured authorization processed by your bank.
BaFin-approved protocol
We are using the Open Banking API regulated by EU PSD2 directive and a BaFin-approved provider FinApi GmbH.
Extra security & privacy
Monite requires 2FA for every login. Custom permissions guarantee only authorized users can see balances & make payments.

Feedback from our users

Automatically scan incoming invoices

“I can easily forward incoming invoices to my individual Monite email address to have them automatically scanned and the transfer prepared by the software. In the dashboard, I can then approve the payment with two clicks. A great feature - saves time and stress!”

Dr. Dominik Köhlen


Monitoring incoming payments

“With Monite, I can create invoices very easily - even for recurring invoices. The check of which invoice has been paid or not runs automatically and saves me a lot of time.”

Michaela Kammerbauer

emkei Consulting

Keeping the overview

“Whether it's a due invoice or incoming payments, Monite helps you keep track of all the details. The allocation of receipts to transactions also great.”

Goran Gale

Built with tax advisors

In cooperation with German tax offices

Based on CEOs feedback

We worked with over 300 SMEs to create Monite



How does Monite get my banking information?
Do I need an accounting tool if I use Monite?
Can I connect more than one company to Monite?
Can my team use Monite? Can I limit what they can do and see?

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